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ibaHD-Server-V2 available

Free upgrade from V1 possible - With ibaHD-Server, measurement data can be stored continuously in high resolution. This product is now available as V2 with numerous new functions.

In this version, recorded measurement files (datfiles) can be imported into the ibaHD-Server. This allows users to store recorded measurement files - even from several systems, machines or vehicles - for central access and comprehensive evaluations in ibaHD-Server. This makes it possible to access historical data quickly and easily and to flexible generate time-related reports such as shift, day or monthly reports. Furthermore HD backups can be analyzed offline with the "Mount" function in ibaHD-Server-V2. This makes it possible to analyze HD archives independently of the productive system with ibaAnalyzer free of charge.

For users of ibaHD-Server-V1 the upgrade to V2 is possible until 2018, February 28th free of charge. Take advantage of this opportunity and contact our support.

There are two years free updates for ibaHD-Server-V2.

If you want to keep the software up-to-date and benefit from the extensions after this time, you will need to extend the update period by purchasing an EUP (Extendend Update Period) product, which will allow you to update the software for another year.

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