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Hardware - HWA2018-04

We have released the new firmware v01.03.001 for our product ibaNet750-BM-D.

What’s new in this version?

Integration of the WAGO 3-phase power measurement module 750-494 and 750-495 for recording power measurement values such as reactive/apparent/effective power, phase angle, frequency, etc. The DC measured values and harmonics are not supported.
These modules are configured directly in ibaPDA via the connected ibaNet750-BM-D,
no further configuration software is required.
By this, simple and cost-effective energy measurements can now be carried out on consumers at the low-voltage level. These modules cannot be used for power quality measurements according to standards. For this, ibaPQU-S is available. 

ibaPDA v6.39.6 is required to use the power measurement modules. 

A firmware update of ibaNet750-BM-D is only necessary if you want to use these modules.
Please contact our support ( for downloading the software.

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