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Hardware - HWA2018-10

We have released the new firmware v02.05.001 for our product BM-eCAT.

What’s new in this version?  

This new version includes a new function called EtherCAT Browser.
With this browser it is possible to get detailed information about the EtherCAT bus which is connected to ibaBM-eCAT.
You can use it for easily choosing analog and digital signals for acquisition.

Furthermore a new diagnostics module was implemented. This module includes different signals for acquisition and analysis of the EtherCAT bus, e.g. the bus turnaround time, the cycle period, number of correct and corrupt telegrams.

A firmware update is only necessary if you want to use these new features. For this you need ibaPDA v6.39.11 or higher.

Please contact our support ( for downloading the Software.

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