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Hardware - HWA2019-01

We have released the new firmware v02.05.002 for our product BM-eCAT.

This is a bugfix version.

 Using firmware v02.05.001 the device won’t be configurable anymore after some days. 

We strongly recommend to update all these devices with the new firmware v02.05.002.

Please contact our support ( for downloading the software.


Registered users can download all hardware documentation in our download area.

Updated Manuals

ibaBM-eCAT (v1.13, English, German)
ibaPADU-C-8AI (v1.11, English, German)
ibaMS4xUCO (v1.5 , English, German)
ibaNet750-BM-D (v1.6, English, German)
ibaBM-DP (v1.4, English, German)
ibaBM-PN (v1.5, English, German)
ibaCMU-S (v1.2.2, English)

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