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Hardware - HWA2019-11

For our product ibaNet750-BM-D we have released the new firmware v01.03.004.

What’s new in this version?

New feature

New parameter to configure the outputs of the ibaNet750-BM-D system, when the fiber optic link is broken. Now you have the configuration option to reset all outputs to zero. 

This new feature requires ibaPDA v7.1.0 (or higher).
A firmware update is only necessary if you want to use this new feature.


The phasor module of the WAGO Power Measurement Modules was removed. The three 'phase angle' signals were shifted to the power module and were renamed to 'phase shift’.
So we have more differentiation to our ibaPQU-S system because the ‘phase angle’ signals in the ibaPQU-S are not the same as in the WAGO Power Measurement Modules.

This improvement requires ibaPDA v7.1.0 (or higher).
A firmware update is not necessary.

But in case of one you have to adapt the PDA configuration to this improvement.


Please contact our support ( for downloading the software.

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