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Hardware - HWA2020-03

For our product ibaBM-PN we have released the new firmware v01.05.001.

What’s new in these versions?

Support of S2 system redundancy for ibaBM-PN active devices.

The new ‘S2 redundancy’ option provides the possibility to connect the ibaBM-PN as an active device to S2 system redundancy capable controllers like SIMATIC S7-400H or S7-1500 R/H. Each of the ibaBM-PN PROFINET devices can be used separately as S2 device. Also the S7 request solution (ibaPDA-Request-S7-DP/PN, 31.001310) can be used optionally in combination with such a S2 device.

ibaPDA v7.1.6 or higher is required as well as the GSDML file ‘GSDML-V2.35-ibaBM-PN-20200101‘ or newer.

To use this new mode a device specific additional license is required and needs to be installed on the ibaBM-PN (ibaBM-PN-Upgrade-S2-Redundancy, 13.120001).

Registered users can download this new firmware from our website.

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