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ibaAnalyzer - ANA2020-02

ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.1.5.
Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

What’s new in this version?

New features and improvements

A new function “Merge” has been added to the expression editor. This function can e.g. be used to chronologically display different ibaHD-Events in a single table on a report.

If camera signals are queried from ibaHD-Server, the usual sub-channels (min, max) are neglected by default. This avoids a duplication of the video when exporting to dat-files.

Important bugfixes

Computed columns with text were not displayed in the report info tab.

Several crashes in very specific situations have been addressed.

The text-file export was erroneous for digital signals without data or if the text-files grew too large.

The TDMS extract now also handles duplicate channel names by adding a suitable suffix.

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.

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