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ibaCapture - CAP2019-01

ibaCapture software release version v4.4.0.

ibaCapture-ScreenCam software release version v4.1.1.

Registered users can download these new version in our download area.

What’s new in these versions?

New features and Improvements ibaCapture v4.4.0.

ibaCapture Player was enhanced with additional functions, e.g. to change saturation and hue or to rotate the image in 90 degree steps.

Camera ordering in the configuration can be changed; once in the configuration of ibaCapture itself and separately in the ibaPDA interface.

Bugfixes ibaCapture v4.4.0.

Due to a new decoder being used, a bug regarding backwards replay was introduced in ibaCapture 4.3.3. This has been fixed.

Improvements ibaCapture-ScreenCam v4.1.1.

After a silent installation, ibaCapture-ScreenCam will automatically be started.

In combination with ibaCapture v4.4.0 or higher, support information will be provided to connected ibaCapture servers in case a support file is generated there.

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download these new versions and check the included version history documents.

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