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ibaDaVIS - DAV2020-03

ibaDaVIS version v2.7.0

What’s new in this version?

General information

ibaDaVIS v2.7 requires the installation of .Net Framework 4.8 or higher.  

New Features

This new version of ibaDaVIS supports the visualization of data from general database tables. Tables created with the ibaPDA-DB Interface or any tables containing a date-time column can be used as data source in ibaDaVIS. Any table containing a date-time column can be used as data source in ibaDaVIS. The data of the general table can be displayed as a trend in Line charts, as a distribution using the Histogram, or as Gauge or Bullet graph on the dashboards.

Signals from Dat files can be visualized on the dashboards as histogram, gauge or bullet graph.

You can use the Gauge on the dashboard now to display the most recent process or key performance indicator on your dashboard. The new introduced aggregation operator Last Value at the Gauge and the Autorefresh feature of the ibaDaVIS application will keep you up do date about the current process status.     

Segment and channel table, which are part of the ibaAnalyzer-DB extraction table model, are now supported. Measurement signal data from the segment and channel data table can be visualized as Line chart, Histogram, Gauge or Bullet graph. For details about the table model see the manual of ibaAnalyzer-DB. 

ibaDaVIS v2.7 contains the complete manual as an html document. One way to access the manual is to press [F1] when ibaDaVIS is open in your browser. 


Changes were required at the Add tile dialog to support the new introduced options for data sources like the general table, and the support of the segment and channel table.

Pie chart units for the group column are now visible at the pie chart segment labels.

An option is introduced to hide duplicated text labels at the line chart.

Refresh dashboard when Autorefresh is pressed.


The function “Add a new analysis configuration” creates more entries when navigating to shift definition and back.

Prevent application shutdowns when tile license handles change due to USB dongle replugging or notebooks waking up from sleep.​​​​​​​

Support for embedded Chromium browser (v47.0.2526.0 or higher (v2.6.2)Admin users with reduced permissions were created accidently during a copy action (v2.6.3)

Prohibit invalid input at Datasource Management such as negative values for decimal places (v2.6.3)

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.

Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

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