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ibaLogic - LOG2018-01

ibaLogic software release version v5.3.0.
Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

What’s new in this version? 

Important change:

We made basic changes in the evaluation algorithm to improve the behavior of feedback loops.
That could lead to a different calculation order in your existing projects.
To check this we also released ibaLogic 5.2.4 version together with ibaLogic 5.3.0. Both versions can export the calculation order as text files, so the old (5.2.4) and new (5.3.0) calculation order can be easily compared.

New Tool:

For analyzing the online behavior of ibaLogic PMAC, we provide the new product ibaLogic V5 Timing diagnostic. This tool writes datfiles with the status of every task (sleep, run, interrupted) at a time base of 1 µs. With these files the online behavior of the whole project with states and task duration times can be easily analyzed with ibaAnalyzer.
This tool needs a license (order number #32.500005), which must be included in the dongle of the PC the tool is running on. Every ibaLogic PMAC in your plant can be analyzed with one license.

Main new features:

There is a new function block FeedbackBreaker. It can be inserted into a connection of a feedback to determine  the starting point of a feedback.

A new treeview of existing feedbacks was added to help finding them in the project.

ibaPDAExpress can now show Arrays.

There is a new compact switch. A switch with a smaller design.

The datfile used for playback can be changed from inside ibaLogic, as long as all files used have the same module/signal structure.

ibaLogic can be active on ibaDAQ / ibaDAQ-S / ibaDAQ-C in parallel to ibaPDA. But hardware modules cannot be accessed, as that is exclusively used by ibaPDA. So it can be used as a calculation host or for additional tasks to ibaPDA by communicating to ibaPDA via TCP/IP, OPC etc.

Main improvements:

Enhanced possibilities to move elements with the arrow keys for better positioning.

When elements are moved, the connecting lines are not re-routed immediately, only if really necessary. 

The behavior of reconnect to a running ibaLogic PMAC when opening the ibaLogic Client was improved. 

It is now possible to jump from the evaluation tree to the corresponding block in the layout.

Long names of IO-signals will be shown shortened with a new algorithm. 

Possibility to show the original signal names of playback signals in the IO-pads.

New Text_File_Write block to write text files. 

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.

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