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ibaPDA - PDA2018-02

ibaPDA software release version v6.39.0.
Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

What’s new in this version?

New available interfaces

Our Xplorer-Interface family has grown again: Now you can read data from Mitsubishi MELSEC PLCs via Ethernet using the new MELSEC-Xplorer interface (ibaPDA-Interface-MELSEC-Xplorer, 31.000008).16 connections can be used with this license. The number of connections can be increased by adding one or more one-step-up licenses (max. 240 connections).

This interface is also automatically included from now on in our product ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer. You can update your existing ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer with the latest Xplorer interfaces via our license product Upgrade-ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer (30.001900).

Main new features and improvements

ibaPDA now includes an OPC UA server. Identical to the SNMP server diagnostic system data is provided for free via the OPC UA server. In case you want to publish other signal data the license for extended OPC UA functionality ibaPDA-OPC-UA-Server+ (30.670051) is required.

Change the recorded signals sent by the PLC as easy as possible by using our request solutions. Now also for Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC systems a request solution is available (ibaPDA-Request-TwinCAT, 31.001303). You can use this request function via the bus monitor ibaBM-eCAT (via EtherCAT) or via UDP (requires the interface ibaPDA-Interface-Generic-UDP in ibaPDA and the licenses TS6310 or TF6310 in the Beckhoff system).

A new type of data store enabling you to stream data directly into a database/cloud is available in ibaPDA. As first database/cloud SAP HANA is supported in v6.39.0. Continuous and triggered writing is possible. The license depends on the amount of signals you want to write into SAP HANA (ibaPDA-Data-Store-SAP-HANA-64/256/1024, 30.670141/2/3). Other database/cloud types will follow in next versions of ibaPDA.

For all Ethernet based interfaces in ibaPDA diagnostic modules are available providing diagnostic data such as connection status, telegram counters, cycle times of received telegrams etc. Use this diagnostic data to monitor your system status via SNMP, OPC UA/DA, Email outputs etc.

The visualization add-on ibaQPanel for ibaPDA now offers a Web Browser Object. Integrate web data in ibaQPanel layouts and control the update behavior and URLs shown via the recorded ibaPDA signals.

Our interface for LAND infrared linescanners (ibaPDA-Interface-LANDSCAN, 31.001011) comes with new functions: Now a dynamic distance between scanner and material can be taken into account and the emissivity of the scanner can be dynamically changed via ibaPDA.

The technological add-on ibaInSpectra for frequency analysis tasks now provides new modules and views for orbit monitoring.

Via the HD trend graph annotations can be added by the user to a specific point of time in the data. An annotation can contain a message entered by the user and also attached files. This features requires ibaHD server v2.2.0.

The drive interfaces SINAMICS- and SIMOTION-Xplorer (ibaPDA-Interface-SINAMICS-Xplorer, 31.000030 and ibaPDA-Interface-SIMOTION-Xplorer, 31.000031) now also support S7 routed connections.

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.

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