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ibaPDA - PDA2018-08

ibaPDA software release version v6.39.5.
Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

What’s new in this version? 

New features and main improvements

Various new features and improvements have been added to ibaInSpectra characteristic values and the Orbit module & view.
OPC UA client interface: Various improvements regarding the generation of address books have been added.
The ibaQPanel offline trend graph now supports the display of ibaQDR dat files.
ibaQDR pre-welder measuring locations have been improved to support the usage of ibaQDR for inspection lines. 

Important bugfixes

S7-Xplorer: The address book generator now can handle TIA projects that include Arrays of FBs.

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.

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