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ibaPDA - PDA2020-04

ibaPDA software release version v7.1.6.
Registered users can download this new version in our download area.

What’s new in this version?

Main new features and improvements

The S7 request module for the Profinet bus monitor ibaBM-PN now supports also S2 redundancy. S2 redundancy will be supported in the next firmware version of the ibaBM-PN.

Modbus TCP client interface: It is now possible to configure the maximum number of registers and coils per message.

Important bugfixes

From some specific TIA projects it was not possible to create S7 address books.

Melsec-Xplorer: An error was displayed when trying to paste a row in the signal grid.

Logix-Xplorer: Structures and arrays were no longer displayed in the symbol browser (bug introduced in v7.0.6).

Triggers for data stores could be ignored when text signals were sampled faster than analog and digital signals in a file (bug introduced in v7.0.0).

Kafka data store: ibaPDA server could crash when trying to connect to a Kafka cluster using an SSL keystore defined in the additional parameters.

Multistation: Acquisition can stop with error "Invalid access to memory" after applying a new data storage configuration.

ibaQPanel: Some signals could no longer show data after applying changes to a Tabbed layouts control.

For full reference on other included new features, improvements and bugfixes please download this new version and check the included version history document.

Please note that the support for ibaPDA v6 expires on May 31, 2020. Contact your regional iba representative to find out about possibilities and conditions for migrating from v6 to v7. You will find your regional iba representative listed on our website (

Registered users can download all documentation in our download area.

New manuals
ibaPDA-Data-Store-Kafka (v1.0, English)
ibaPDA-Interface-IEC61850-9-2  (v1.0, English)

Updated manuals
ibaPDA-Data-Store-MQTT (v1.1, German, English)
ibaPDA-Interface-Codesys-Xplorer  (v1.3, German, English)
ibaPDA-Request-S7-DP/PN (v3.6, German, English)

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