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Intelligent central units

For Acquiring and Processing Data, Stand-alone Data Acquisition, Condition Monitoring and Power Quality Monitoring

The iba modular system acquires and processes measurement signals and is with the appropriate signal output modules perfectly suited for control applications. The decisive advantage of the system is the modular concept that can be freely designed: On a module rack with backplane bus, one central unit and up to four other input and output modules can be plugged.

The iba Modular System at a Glance

The iba modular system at a glance

  • Modular system for intelligent acquiring and processing measurement signals
  • Central units for interfacing to ibaPDA and ibaLogic
  • Applicationspecific central units with integrated special functions
  • I/O modules for input/output of analog and digital signals
  • Modules with special functions, e.g. counter module

Applicationspecific central units for


Signal management

Data logger (Transient Fault Recorder)

Stand-alone data logger for local applications

Mobile measuring

Acquisition of measurement values with and without pre-processing

Condition Monitoring

Fast drive and position control

Power Quality Monitoring

Mill chatter monitoring and eccentricity analysis

Modular concept

With userspecific central units, various applications can be implemented

The iba modular system acquires and processes measurement signals and is - with the appropriate signal output modules- also suited for control applications. The modular concept is based on a module rack with backplane bus for one central unit and up to 4 input and output modules.



is a pure communication unit for the input and output of different signals.



has an integrated processor and an internal memory and is suitable not only for the fast acquisition of measurement values but also for intelligent processing of signals and system controls.



is the metrological core for Condition Monitoring applications.



is equipped with an integrated ibaPDA system and can be used as stand-alone data acquisition device.



is a Power Quality Unit for monitoring the grid quality according to standards with the highest precision.

Broad range of modules

The system includes several I/O modules for analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as for SSI and pulse transmitters. All I/O modules work with sampling rates of up to 40 kHz absolutely time-synchronously. Due to the modular technology and the broad range of I/O modules, the iba modular system can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements.

Show available Modules
Order no.NameDescription
10.124100ibaMS16xAI-10VProcess coupling: Modular System 16 AI signals,16Bit,+/-10V
10.124101ibaMS16xAI-10V-HIProcess coupling: Modular System 16 AI signals,16Bit,+/-10V-HI
10.124102ibaMS16xAI-24VProcess coupling: Modular System 16 AI signals,16Bit,+/-24V
10.124103ibaMS16xAI-24V-HIProcess coupling: Modular System 16 AI signals,16Bit,+/-24V-HI
10.124110ibaMS16xAI-20mAProcess coupling: Modular System 16 AI signals,16Bit,20mA
10.124120ibaMS4xADIOProcess coupling: Modular System 4x AI/AO plus 4xDI/DO,16Bit, U/I
10.124150ibaMS16xAO-10VProcess coupling: Modular System 16 AO signals,16Bit,+/-10V
10.124160ibaMS16xAO-20mAProcess coupling: Modular System 16 AO signals,16Bit,20mA
10.124200ibaMS16xDI-220VProcess coupling: Modular System 16 DI signals,+/-220V
10.124201ibaMS16xDI-24VProcess coupling: Modular System 16 DI signals,+/-24V
10.124210ibaMS32xDI-24VProcess coupling: Modular System 32 DI signals,+/-24V
10.124220ibaMS16xDIO-24VProcess coupling: Modular System 16 DI/DO signals,+/-24V
10.124250ibaMS16xDO-2AProcess coupling: Modular System 16 DO signals, 2A, max 55VDC
10.124260ibaMS32xDO-24VProcess coupling: Modular System 32 DO signals, 24V
10.124300ibaMS8xICPProcess coupling: Modular Systems 8 ICP signals ,16Bit,+/-5V
10.124302ibaMS8xIEPEProcess coupling: Modular System 8 IEPE signals ,24Bit
10.124310ibaMS4xUCOProcess coupling: Modular System 4 Universal Counter Input ,16Bit
10.124500ibaMS8xAI-110VACProcess coupling: Modular System 8 AI signals,110VAC, 16Bit
10.124521ibaMS4xAI-380VACProcess coupling: Modular System 4 AI signals, 380VAC, 16Bit
10.124600ibaMS3xAI-1AProcess coupling: Modular System 3 AI signals,16Bit, +/- 3A DC
10.124610ibaMS3xAI-5AProcess coupling: Modular System 3 AI signals,16Bit, +/-15A DC
10.124620ibaMS3xAI-1A/100AProcess coupling: Modular System 3 AI signals,16Bit, 1A/100A - (2xADC)

iba modular system for mobile use: ibaMBox

Modular system for mobile use - ibaMBox

  • Based on the proven iba modular system
  • Central unit can be freely configured with up to 4 input modules
  • Clear connections in practical connection system (BNC, banana, Phoenix connectors) on the connector panel
  • Compact, stable aluminium case with a modern design
  • Suitable for industrial use in harsh environments
  • Can be declared carry-on luggage
  • Ideally suited for commissioning, troubleshooting, service and maintenance

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The modern Classic of Data Acquisition

As the central core of the iba system, ibaPDA has proven itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for many years. Among the many powerful features of ibaPDA are asset-agnostic acquisition, high-speed synchronous archiving, and real-time streaming analytics.

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